Pop quiz today…. and each girl who gets a correct answer gets lipstick that was donated by RADIANT COSMETICS, a makeup company that gives makeup to survivors of human trafficking. Radiant very generously donated makeup to all the girls in our class so they can learn makeup and begin building a makeup kit. AMY CLARKE [...]

Brazil- Day 51

I have traveled abroad many times and I thought I had Brazil figured out before I even got there. Boy, was I wrong!! I thought I'd walk in to Rio De Janeiro International Airport would look like a tropical paradise and the customs agents would all look like Gisele and the cab drivers would all [...]

Brazil- Day 33

I helped one of our students cut the hair of a little boy named Vicente. He was 13-years-old and wanted his hair to look just like the famous Brazilian futbol player Ronaldinho, and he achieved his goal! He came with three of his five younger siblings. His youngest sister was getting her hair cut by [...]