So much has happened since I have been here! We have gotten to know our students so well and have seen their desire to make a career out of what we are teaching them. I love seing their enthusiasm for learning. We have seen them excell at an incredible pace. Most of them have such a natural talent for doing hair. I have no doubt they will be amazing when the makeup course begins.

We administered their midterm exams on Friday. It consisted of a written test and practical exam. Everyone was so nervous! Everyone would receive a brush for completing the exam, but the grand prize for the top scorer was a GHD flat iron. I don’t know if this made them more nervous or more excited. But either way this out the pressure on!

After the written test we gave them a list of services they needed to do. Some had a haircut, an updo, and a braid. Some had to flat iron, french braid, and curl. None of them knew what combination of service they would get. But I think the worst thing for them was not the test, but keeping quiet! They want so much to help and encourage each other. I don’t think I have seen a group a ladies root for each other the way they do. In the beauty industry in America there is so much back biting and under cutting that seeing them treat each other the way to do is so refreshing.

As I was scoring them, there were 6 that were tied til about half way through. It was such a close race. Finally at the end, there were 3 that stood out. We were only planning on give 1 iron, but their performances were stellar. We just couldn’t pick one out of them. One of the ladies who won is 7 months pregnant and had a prenatal appointment during the midterm. She didn’t want to miss the test, so she rescheduled her appointment to the morning and rushed back in 90′ weather just so she wouldn’t be late.

That is just one example of how dedicated these women are to the program. There is story after story of their motivation, all steming from wanting to provide for their families. It is such a beautiful thing to see.

I am so excited to begin our week after a successful midterm.

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