Brazil- Day 25

As we continued the training in Rio, it became evident that the quality of life was wearing on everyone. Not just us visitors, but also for the ones who live there on a continual basis. The hustle and bustle of their everyday existence becomes more difficult than in other societies, mainly because of the negativity [...]

Brazil- Day 17

Elisama was always early, always prepared, always positive and always photo-ready! She shines so brightly in a place that is so full of darkness. She was so excited to be a part of our program and wanted more than anything to be a successful and professional hair stylist. We all believed in her and in [...]

Brazil-Day 10

In Kenya, they have the slum. In South Africa, they have townships. In Detroit, they have the projects. In Los Angeles, they have skid row. In Brazil… they have the favelas. Each of these neighborhoods has a story worth telling. They are home to so many people in the world and paint a masterpiece that [...]

Brazil- Day 5

Today was our first day of instruction. All of the women came in with pen and paper in hand and ready to learn. We went over their kits and how to use all of their tools. I know I shouldn’t, but I already have my favorites! At the last minute, we a few of the [...]

Brazil- Day 2

Before the pipes in our shower allow water to escape the showerhead in our apartment, the pipes pass through icebergs. That is when the knob is turned to hot. When the knob is turned to cold, it actually snows in the shower. How can a county be so hot outside and then have icebergs attached [...]

Brazil- Day 1

3:45am – Land in Rio 415am – Discover all 3 of my bags had not made it on plane in Panama 4:20am – Through customs 4:30am – Waiting for Pastor Ronaldo to pick me up 5:51am – Still waiting 6:16am – Still waiting 7:02am – Read a letter my brother and his wife wrote for [...]