I am ecstatic to be back in Brazil! This is the second beauty school project in Rio I have been a part of and I’m so totally excited to meet the girls we will be training.

I landed in Rio at 6am and I was so nervous to go through customs… Of course I worked myself all up and they just waved me through. Customs let me right through with 8 flatirons in my suitcases. Success! I couldn’t wait to eat, have my first açai, and meet the girls that Maria, Melissa, and Jilee have been working with for the past week. They set up the school, did inventory of all the tools and products, and began the course. All of this in 90` weather with 90% humidity. Basically, all the super hard work!! They got in a week and a half before me and have filled me in on how hard working this group of girls is. One woman in the course who lives on the other side of the community has a daughter in school. Her bus comes to get her 30 minutes before class starts. As soon as the bus comes to get her daughter, she runs as fast as she can so she won’t be late to school. By the way, she is 6 months pregnant!

Raquel, our Brazilian mommy, was so concerned that I needed sleep and all I wanted to do was get to school! We all got into the community and I was eager to see our past students and friends we had made from before. We ran into so many familair faces along the walk and I felt right at home again! (Don’t worry, Grandma, I promise I’ll come home!) As we set up for the day at school, slowly the students began coming in. Since Maria, Melissa, and Jilee have already gotten to know the girls, they are already taking bets in which student will be my fave! Not that we have faves or anything…

Maria taught haircutting the week before, so today we jumped right into updos. I showed them a few styling techniques and they were off and running. They went straight over to their doll heads and tried all the techniques I showed them. How incredible to see their desire for knowledge.

After updos, Maria taught blow drying and round brushing. In the horrible heat and terrible humidity. Again, Maria is doing all the hard work! Even in this heat the girls have not complained once! Its us whimpy Americans who are hating the heat.

This next month here in Brazil is going to be amazing. I can already tell…

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