Today was we had a braiding test and the ladies were so nervous. They came in focused and ready to go.

We had the girls go up in groups of 4 and they were graded on speed, accuracy, overall apperance, and attitude. So, many girls made up for their speed with a great attitude. They didn’t give up and even started over if they felt the style wasn’t up to par.

The best part (and the worst part) was keeping the rest of the class quiet while the team that was up was testing. The other ladies were trying to help them knowing we couldn’t understand what they were saying. Luckily, we have the best 2 translators ever who ratted them out and told us they were helping them. As much as we needed to be the authoritative figures and tell them not to cheat, it was so wonderful to see them cheer each other on. They truly want to see their sisters and friends succeed.

After the scores were tallied, 1 girl scored 19 out of 2o, and 4 girls scored 18 out of 20. The rest have more practice to do, but they all know and understand that practice makes perfect. The winner each received a paddle brush and everyone received a comb donated from HAIR HOOKUPS for their hard work. By completing all their tests and quizzes, they will be able to begin building their kits to do hair on their own. We have lots more to treat the girls to to help them move along in their new career.

Tomorrow, the girls will be extra excited to receive the surprise after their pop quiz…

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