The Amy Clarke is finally here to teach our students all her secrets about makeup. A few of the girls have been so excited for the makeup classes to start. Two of them have asked me every week, “We are still learning makeup, right?” Well, now I see why! These girls have such a natural talent for makeup. It been so incredible to see them work.

We have had some of the biggest donations this trip. From flat irons, to combs, to brushed, and now makeup. Some of the biggest names in professional makeup doanted to our program for our students to have the opportunity for success. I hope they all know how much it has meant to our girls. I think they are still completely overwhelmed by the generosity of strangers.

It has been the most amazing experience to watch their determination. It has been so moving to hear about what motivated them. Family. Friends. Children. Husbands. The desire for a better life. My prayer for them is to always hold on to the things that motivate them.

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