Kenya- Day 31

These women, these beautiful women, are more than just my students. I know their children's names. I have been to their homes, sat on their humble furniture in which they pride themselves, and I have been moved by the faith of their families. They are my friends. As much as I always wish that I [...]

Kenya- Day 19

Caroline grew up in the slums of Mathare Valley in an area named Kosovo. She had a sponsor in America who provided for her to go to school until she reached high school. She has loved everything about beauty since she was a young girl, always having her hair braided and nails done. She was [...]

Kenya- Day 9

It was our first week of school and today was a fun day for our students! We gave them all the tools they’ll be using throughout the course. They were so interested and focused on all the information Teacher Ann and I where sharing with them. First, we gave them their hair cutting shears. The [...]

Kenya- Day 3

This afternoon I was able to go with Mary, a Social Worker, and visit the homes of a few of the women who want to be a part of the program. Mary is in charge of recruiting for the salon project. I saw pain, hopelessness, and desperation on their faces. They all need something, anything [...]

Kenya- Day 2

We have had a lot of things accomplished for the beauty school in a very short amount of time. I am so impressed by the dedication and determination of the people leading this project. The construction on the room where the beauty school will be held is going full force. There are at least 10 [...]

Kenya – Day 1

I arrived in Nairobi, Kenya, last night to start building a beauty school and training salon at Missions Of Hope International. I was so excited to see Mary and Wallace Kamau the founders of M.O.H.I.! Also, my friend Aubrey Worrell who I haven’t seen in 5 years is doing an internship here with the preschool. [...]

Brazil- Day 51

I have traveled abroad many times and I thought I had Brazil figured out before I even got there. Boy, was I wrong!! I thought I'd walk in to Rio De Janeiro International Airport would look like a tropical paradise and the customs agents would all look like Gisele and the cab drivers would all [...]