Kenya- Day 3

This afternoon I was able to go with Mary, a Social Worker, and visit the homes of a few of the women who want to be a part of the program. Mary is in charge of recruiting for the salon project. I saw pain, hopelessness, and desperation on their faces. They all need something, anything to get them out the situations they are in.

The first girl I met had a truly heartbreaking story. She had been let down by everyone in her life. She has endured abuse from childhood to today and most recently she attacked by men in her own neighborhood. The look on her face was so full of despair and sadness. It is like she is just waiting for someone else to let her down. Mary has been very encouraging to this girl. She has visited her and even provided her with counsel since her attack. I am so thankful this girl has had Mary to be there for her. Mary has seen her talent for braiding and knows she will be a successful hair stylist. I am very excited to see her this Monday as we begin our training!

We have just hired a hair stylist who lives here in Nairobi to continue the training after I leave. Her name is Ann and she is a very passionate and talented hair stylist. We will work together on the curriculum to suit it best for the women here. I feel like a 5 year old getting ready for my first day Kindergarten! I’m so excited for school on Monday!

Another amazing thing about serving is meeting other with the same passion for teaching. Lois, one of my housemates, is a Special Education teacher from New Hampshire. She came to Kenya last year for a mission trip with her church. Children with Special Needs are often over-looked, mistreated, and abandoned because of the people’s lack of knowledge and naivety. For the next 3 months, Lois is here to work with the teachers at the different centers and schools giving them insight and education about children with special needs. In the 3 weeks she has assessed over 100 children. Most Social Workers in America assess less than 50 in one year. Lois is patient and diligent and her desire is to see children have the opportunity to learn according to their ability. I am truly inspired by her.

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