Kenya- Day 31

These women, these beautiful women, are more than just my students. I know their children’s names. I have been to their homes, sat on their humble furniture in which they pride themselves, and I have been moved by the faith of their families. They are my friends. As much as I always wish that I could stay with them, I also always know when it is time for them to fly. And I know that they will not only fly, but they will soar. These women were born ready for success. I could not be more proud of them, as both their teacher and friend.

One studnet said to me on my last day, “Promise you will come back to see me graduate. I want to show you I can do it. I will not let you down.”

I’m so sad to leave, but I have every intention of being here in 6 months for their graduation. She won’t let me down and I won’t let her down.

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