Kenya- Day 9

It was our first week of school and today was a fun day for our students! We gave them all the tools they’ll be using throughout the course. They were so interested and focused on all the information Teacher Ann and I where sharing with them. First, we gave them their hair cutting shears. The Trade generously donated 30 pairs of shears for our students. What an incredible gift to them! These girls listened so carefully to the instruction given and took such good care of their shears. It so clear that they really valued what was given to them.

We then gave them all their clips, combs, and brushes. My friend Bill from Croc Professional Hair Products was very excited about all the work these women would be doing in Kenya. He donated half of all combs, clips, and brushes to the beauty school and the women.

Then we showed them capes for their clients to wear while they are getting their hair done. My friend Michelle at Salon Centric in Corona is always so generous she hears when I am involved in a salon project. I went in and asked for 30 capes. She laughed and said, “Where are you going now?” I told her all about what would be happening here in Kenya and she handed me 10 pounds of shampoo and conditioner samples to give to the students! Amazing!!!

All of the donations made to make this project happen have been overwhelming! They all have been heart-felt and sincere and I couldn’t be more grateful to everyone who has given so generously. We will begin with manicures this week and pedicures next week while we wait for construction to be complete on the salon part of the beauty school. I can’t wait to debut my new Soroptimist Apron on our first Hair Cutting day!!

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