Kenya- Day 2

We have had a lot of things accomplished for the beauty school in a very short amount of time. I am so impressed by the dedication and determination of the people leading this project. The construction on the room where the beauty school will be held is going full force. There are at least 10 men working in the all day. I have also been working alongside the foremen to help design the room.

Rueben, Director of Sustainability for Mission of Hope, has written an incredible proposal of expectations, goals, and dreams for this project. The most important being empowerment of the women involved. Rueben and I have been working with me on a contract for the students in the class. It is very important that the women are held accountable and are being challenged as they begin learning. They told me we needed to have the contract translated into English and in Kiswahili for the women. I was quick to offer Google Translator, as it was a great tool to use in Brazil with my girls there. Forgetting that it doesn’t always come up with the proper translation, Rueben had a very good laugh. They even had me email the Google translation to them to show their families. Apparently bad grammar is amusing to Kenyans!

I can’t post without showing some of the cutest faces on earth….

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