Uganda- Day 2

Kaylie and I just arrived in Uganda yesterday to work with 31 Bits in Gulu and what a ride its already been! The more we learned about the ladies of 31 Bits, the more Kaylie and I know how important the world that Kallie Dovel has created for these women is a necessity to their very being.

As survivors to the recent Civil War in Uganda, these women have endured more pain, more suffering, more injury, and more trauma than most people could ever imagine. These women have seen murder, rape, abduction, and terror right before their eyes. Yet in the midst of their suffering, they found the will to endure. In hearing the a few testimonies of these women, they are the definition of Proverbs 31. Strength. Provision. Protector. Beauty. This is the driving force behind 31 Bits.

One woman admitted to being viewed as an “insane woman” upon coming to 31 Bits. In the 2 years she has been employed, she has been able to provide food, shelter, and a safe haven for her children. Another woman spoke of her life being empty and meaningless. Having no home and only having straw for she and her children to sleep, she now has afforded acres of land and huts for her family to live in. Another told us that she couldn’t afford a home to live in or food for her children. Now, on her own, she has been able to provide more than food to eat and a home to live. All her children go to school and even she is in college taking different courses.

The stories are endless. The lives of 110 women have been eternally changed. More than triple that is the number of children’s lives that have been changed. Changed for the better. Changed for good. Women, Mothers, who once had no chance, are now full of hope. 31 Bits has breathed life into the community of Gulu, Uganda.

Who knew that little bits of paper could change the world?

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