Graduation Day! The day I have been waiting 6 months for. The day we will see the first of many classes graduate from Shear Hope Beauty School in Mathare Valley. And of course, Kaylie and I are still feeling sick from our mosquito attack in Joska. We did everything we could to not get us down!

The girls came looking so smart! The ladies have been preparing and looking forward to this day where they will have a certificate to proudly show that they are Hair Stylists.

The celebration began with them singing Swahili songs. Hearing them sing was always the favorite part of my day this past summer. You can’t help but want to dance listening to Kenyans sing. They sang so joyfully.

The jewelry teacher, Francesca, led the graduation ceremony and had many people come and speak to the girls. Everyone who spoke was so motivational and encouraging to them. Each girl was presented with their certificate of completion from Shear Hope Beauty School and a gift of hair cuting shears from The Trade and combs, clips, and brushes to help them begin their career. They were all so overwhelmed and so grateful. Then, we asked two of the girls to speak on behalf of all the students. Beatrice and Carol each spoke about how thankful they are to now have an education and a trade to be able to provide for their children. Beatrice shared that she will never be afraid that she will not have food or school fees for her kids.

I know Beatrice will go far. I know they all will. They all have aspirations of opening their own salons. They all have goals of saving money. They all have dreams for a better future.

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