Still pretty swollen from the bug bites, but finally feeling better!

Off to Kiamaiko to see our sponsor kids! It is January now, so this confused so many of them! They saw and thought, “Why are mzungus here? They are early!” Charles, of course, was embarrassed as ever to see me. I really do know what parents go through when their kids think they are too cool. But then, I saw Isaac, my brother and sister-in-law’s child. I don’t think he could have been happier to see me! His big huge smile just melts my heart. We had to see them quickly because we were doing home visits in the community. We went to some of the beauty school student’s homes and to meet some of the new students. It was wonderful to be back in Kiamaiko. If there is ever a place to be a celebrity, Kiamaiko is the place!

After seeing all my friends, we went back to Kiamaiko to say good-bye. I finally got to see Samuel, my new sponsor child. I spent some time with him and his father. His teacher says he is the top student in his class. I’m so excited to watch him grow. 10 years from now I know I’ll be at his high school gradutaion watching him give his Valedictorian speech…. Isn’t that what all parents wish for their kids??

I always hate leaving Kiamaiko. We have made good friends with the interns and missionaries here. Megan, Diana, Zach, and Ryan, are spending 9 months here and their passion for helping those in need is exactly what Missions of Hope needs. I feel like I’m alwasy counting down the days until I am back again.

But for now….. off to Uganda!

Your sponsor mommy will miss you, Samuel and Charles!

Ain’t no party like a hair cut party!! David had to get in on it and Kaylie was such a good sport about it. I cut everyone’s hair one evening and we had the pleasure of meeting Melvin and his partner in crime (a.k.a. Zach and Ryan) These are 2 of the 4 incredible missionaries interning at MOHI this year. We will miss our know found friends! We love you, Sweet Southern Megan, Beautiful Diana, Zach Attack, and Big Daddy Ryan!

Asante Sana, Kenya…

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