Brazil- Day 2

Before the pipes in our shower allow water to escape the showerhead in our apartment, the pipes pass through icebergs. That is when the knob is turned to hot. When the knob is turned to cold, it actually snows in the shower. How can a county be so hot outside and then have icebergs attached to the walls? I’m not looking for sympathy in anyway. Nor am I complaining (Ernie). Africa taught me to be grateful to even have a shower with running water, which I most defiantly am.

In more important news, we have decided on the location for the salon and all of the salon equipment has been purchased and ready for delivery. If you have ever been to a developing country, they each have there own way of describing time. In Kenya they call it “Kenya Time” and in India, it’s the same, “India Time.” In Brazil they call it “The Brazilian Way.” In other words, the company will deliver the salon equipment whenever they feel like it!

No bags yet. Jessica’s yoga pants are super comfy and fit me fine!

To leave this on a happier note… here is an adorable Brazilan kid. Beijos!

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