Griffin’s mommy is a jewelry maker at 31 Bits. Like so many in Africa, Griffin was a victim of the disease Malaria. Being homeless at the time, Griffin’s mother was unable to afford medication or even a mosquito net to protect them. As a result, this sweet boy now is mentally and physically delayed.

His mother is 18 and is pregnant with her second child. Of course, she has had concerns being that Griffin has special needs and requires most of her time and attention. However through the overwhelming support of her 110 sisters at 31 Bits, she will be able to care for Griffin and her new baby with plenty of help.

Kaylie and I played with him for hours and his smile warmed our hearts. Everyone at 31 Bits knows and loves his joyful spirit.

My mother has been a Special Education Teacher for about 40 years now and my brother and I have grown up in her classroom. She helped start the Disabilites Ministry at our church 30 years ago and it continues to thrive today. My brother and I share our mother’s love and passion for helping those with special needs. It’s funny how they seem to find me wherever I go. The grocery store, the mall, Starbucks, the Masai Mara in Kenya and in Gulu, Uganda…. And I love it.


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