These ladies here in Uganda have been so welcoming to us. We have enjoyed every second of our time here at 31 BITS. Kaylie and I have had so much fun getting to know them and learning to roll paper beads. As it turns out, I am great at it. But Kaylie needs a little more practice!

At 31 Bits, everyday is “Bring Your Kids To Work” day! It is wonderful to see these precious little children laugh and play. When their mommies came to work here, many of them where malnourished and very sick. One of these cuties is named Gifty. That’s right, Gifty! And she is a gift. When her mother came to work at 31 Bits, she was a little less than a year old and was the size of a newborn. Now, she is a year and a half, walking, and very healthy. This is the case for almost all of the children here.

31 Bits has a chef who comes everyday and provides lunch for the ladies and their children. They are so appreciative that they can bring their children to work and feed them as well. So appreciative in fact, that some of these women have even named their children after the Americans who work with them. There are 3 Emilys and 1 Kallie running around the yard at 31 Bits!

In America children are named after relatives and people who have made a positive impact on our parents lives. What a honor to be named after someone who impacted their mother’s life in such a positive way. Emily and Kallie are not very popular names in Uganda. How incredible that years from now when these little girls are asked by their classmates and friends how they got their name they’ll be able to say a woman came from a place that is 10,000 miles away to give their family a chance at freedom and hope.


This is Kallie….

Her mother named after Kallie, the founder of 31 Bits. She is a beautiful little girl filled with so much joy, just like Kallie!

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